YouTube Stories chroma to change video backgrounds

The new function of YouTube stories allows the user to change the background of a video, as if he were in front of one of the typical green chromas. But without the need to use special equipment. This feature not only gives content a fun and light-hearted look. But it opens up a ton of creative possibilities for content creators. On a technical level, changing the backgrounds of YouTube Stories videos has not been an easy task. Since it is more complex to separate a moving image from the background than to do the same with a static photo. Not all devices have dual cameras that allow them to easily make this. Distinction, so the solution had to go through a custom algorithm ..

The new virtual chroma for YouTube stories

But Google engineers aren’t afraid of challenges. As he recently published on his blog, Google has “trained” the application to distinguish the different elements of a human face: hair, eyebrows, skin, eyes (or glasses), nostrils, lips, and the rest of the body (of neck down). Once these elements are identified, the background is simply everything else and Namibia Whatsapp Number List we can discard it to integrate the new image. According to the first images that have been revealed, it seems that on an aesthetic level the results are quite good. YouTube Stories and other social networks: similarities and differences Virtual chromas are YouTube’s latest attempt to differentiate its stories from the competition, but from the beginning this functionality has had several peculiarities that distinguish it:

YouTube Stories and other social networks: similarities and differences

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Content creators can publish multiple YouTube Stories in parallel , meaning that they do not play along with the rest of the content Mobile Number List uploaded in the last 24 hours. The content creator can decide the expiration of the YouTube stories and even decide to make them permanent. On YouTube, stories are up to 30 seconds long and can include background music. Despite these differences, the basic spirit of the format remains the same and also shares with its predecessors the functions of placing texts and stickers and using filters.

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