YouTube Premium paid subscription service

This means that, until now, companies or brands that invested in YouTube Ads in their video marketing campaigns only reached visits from channels that were within the partner program. The expansion of ads across YouTube means that ads will also be visible on videos from smaller creators, making it possible for advertisers to reach a much more targeted audience interested in a much more specific topic . This will make it possible to create a relationship between advertising and display content. Obligation to monetize There have been many creators who have decided, over the years, not to put ads in their videos and not to monetize their content.

Expansion of ads across YouTube

Now, regardless of what they decided at the time, advertising will appear in their videos, which means that if they meet all the requirements they will be, in a way, forced to monetize or they will be giving all the income generated by their material Czech Republic Whatsapp Number List the platform. from YouTube. Increase in advertising spaces This change in the Terms and Conditions of Service will significantly increase the advertising space on YouTube , since now any video can contain an advertisement. T

Increase in advertising spaces

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In addition, there may be a relationship between the advertised product or Mobile Number List service and the content of the video, which means that YouTube Ads campaigns can now be more efficient. Result: YouTube Premium boost As we have already mentioned, all those creators who chose to publish videos on the YouTube platform without ads, even having the opportunity to monetize for it, will now see advertising in their content. For users, on the other hand, the only way to avoid advertising is the YouTube Premium paid subscription service . Without a doubt, this will be a way that the platform will have to promote the creation of this type of account.

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