How to create a video marketing plan for your company

O focus our video marketing plan , we have to think about what objectives we want to achieve with each video. Some will be suitable for users who are just starting their journey, while others will help us get them to take the final step of becoming customers. We are going to see in which phases we can divide the conversion funnel and which videos work best for each of them. Video marketing funnel 1) discovery in the discovery phase, the user does not yet know our brand, so the main objective will be to attract their attention and introduce them to our product or service . Here short and direct content works best; in general, the further we go in the conversion funnel , the longer the contents will be.

Create content for each phase of the conversion funnel

Here are some of the video formats that work best in the discovery phase: animated infographics – classic (image-based) infographics work great for attracting new users and generating virality, so you can create videos based on them to build on the Guatemala Whatsapp Number List momentum. Spots (tv commercial type) : creativity will be our ally to arouse the user’s attention. Brief tutorials , which give a quick answer to the user’s doubts. You can even create gifs to show how a product works in a few seconds. Branded content : tell stories that speak of the values ​​and emotions associated with the brand. 2) consideration we move on to the second phase, in which the user already knows us and has shown interest in our brand . To keep it moving forward, we can use these formats: product videos , either highlighting a specific product, a range or the entire catalogue.

Customer interviews or testimonials

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Here we can go into more detail than in the previous phase, showing how we can solve the problem that worries the user. User-generated content . With this type of content, the user identifies and can quickly understand what the brand provides. A very Mobile Number List famous case is the videos of the gopro camera brand, which show users of the brand living all kinds of adventures. Brand vlogs . We will use them to present more in-depth content for users who are really interested in our sector. 3) decision in the third phase, the user is evaluating a handful of solutions, and our brand is among them. Therefore, it is essential that we manage to differentiate ourselves from the competition and clearly show you what we can offer. eo campaigns.

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