With the page title and screen class dimension.

To achieve profitable results. it is best to focus on conversions. Conversions are all the actions you want your users to take that are related to your goals. The good thing about conversions is that you don’t have to operate in the dark and try to find insights out of nowhere. Starting with conversions means you have a plan and you can see right away which content (be it content groups. page titles. landing pages. etc.) is generating the results you want. Continuing with our example. instead of looking at all conversion events for our content. the events that are important to our business.

We can narrow it down to

This site has a significant number of subscribers. so a conversion goal that was set up was to track sign-ups. Here we replaced All events with the conversion event** sign_up**. Colombia Phone Number List Changing events in conversions Changing events in conversionsChanging events in conversions We can see that social media is definitely the content group with the most conversions. At this point. you can add secondary dimensions to dive even deeper into the report. In the same report. click the plus sign near the primary dimension. Adding a secondary dimension Adding a secondary dimensionAdding a secondary dimension Select the secondary dimension of interest.  dimensions Pages and screens secondary dimensionsPages and screenshots secondary dimensions Repeat the process to analyze the data for each one.

Pages and screens secondary

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Page title and screen class This is the default dimension in the Pages and Screenshots report . Feel free to change it with Page path and screen class . but the page title works Mobile Number List fine for us.  the report now includes all the pages on your website or app. Repeat the process covered with the content group. Remember: The ABC model Asking the two questions: Is this meant to happen. and then what? Then consider the following. which are specific to examining page title and screen class and finding conversion opportunities for your content: 1. Look at the pages that have the highest conversions. compare them with those that do not.

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