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By mimicking the features of your successful pages. Pages with high conversions but few impressions should be promoted more through various marketing channels. These pages need greater exposure to attract more attention. 2. If you notice pages with a lot of views but low conversions. consider finding ways to increase conversions on those pages. For example. adding lead magnets can increase your conversions. But make sure that these high-traffic pages also have a reasonable level of engagement.  how things work for you (you can also use industry standards). If engagement is very low. it may mean that you managed to capture users’ attention but did not meet their expectations.

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This will require further investigation on your part.  Costa Rica Phone Number List Always remember to ask yourself if the pages are doing the. Job they are supposed to do. Landing page Unlike the Pages and Screenshots report. which takes into account all the pages on your website. the Landing. Pages report shows the pages that users see first when they visit your website. For example. if you stumbled upon this page while searching for instructions on how to perform content analysis in GA4. GA4 would classify this page as a landing page if it was your first visit to the site. Since landing pages are the first impression users get of your website. they are crucial to optimize.  based on their experience with the landing page. Note.

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The landing page report may not be readily available in the standard GA4 report. You can include it in the standard report with a few clicks or create it via Explorations.  and Mobile Number List outputs that are not available in the standard report. We will use Explorations. as it allows us to further customize the report. We create a landing page report using these metrics: Hits : Number of times the first event in a session occurred on a page or screen. Most times this event will be a page_view event. Inputs therefore show you how many times users have entered your website via these pages. Engaged sessions Engagement Rate.

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