When looking for a lawyer. 62% ask for recommendations from family

A glossary of legal terms. and the like. On our website. we provide resources with all material that may be of interest and value to our clients: business registration benefits. anonymous LLCs. Colorado LLC laws. fees. taxes and more.” he says. Provide relevant content( Source ) In addition. Mark Pierce mentions the following forms of digital content that lawyers can offer clients: PDF guides and e-books Infographics Tutorials Webinars Podcasts Videos As for the last item on this list. 91% of the population wants to see more online videos from brands in 2023. By leveraging video content. you can satisfy your customers’ needs and improve your SEO efforts .

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Videos indirectly affect your SEO results. video is 53 times more likely to get an organic ranking on the first page than a traditional website. Creating relevant. high-converting content is no easy feat. But it will be when you use content creation software Jamaica Phone Number List to save time and effort. 7. Be social as much as you can As social media takes over. you should seize this opportunity and make the most of it to market your law firm. Four out of five lawyers (80% ) say their firms are already on social networks. and about 30% of them claim they use Facebook for marketing. E.g. Colorado Legal Group uses sponsored ads on Facebook. Colorado Legal Group takes advantage of sponsored ads on Facebook( Source.

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One of the legal hashtags on TikTok. #lawtok . has attracted more than 2.4 billion video views. Morgan & Morgan. a personal injury law firm. is winning Mobile Number List over audiences on videos. Below you can see a screenshot of their TikTok video from the category “John in 60 seconds” which received 1.1 million views. over 130.000 likes and almost 2.000 comments. John in 60 seconds( Source ) Take a look at some new social media marketing trends that will change the digital landscape in the near future. 8. Strive for word of mouth Word of mouth remains an important way for lawyers to acquire clients.

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