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Chat replay : YouTube Live Streaming includes a chat feature, with which users can interact in real time while watching a live video. Well, now the creators have the opportunity to save these chats and play them again when users watch the video later. The chat will be displayed next to the video, just as it appeared live. Auto Captions – YouTube has had an auto captions feature since 2009, and according to their estimates, 1 billion videos have been captioned. This feature is now being added to live videos as well, making them accessible to more people. Location Tags : Creators will be able to add location tags to mobile live video streams and uploaded videos.

The latest from Youtube live videos

Users can click the tag to view other videos. From the same location, or use the location filter on the results page to search for videos shared from a specific location. Together with other already active features of YouTube Live Streaming. Such Morocco Whatsapp Number List as Super Chats (the option for fans to highlight a message for hours. In exchange for payment), these new features will help creators maintain a great relationship with their audience and monetize their channels with more agility. Ready to broadcast on Youtube? If you want to start broadcasting live from YouTube with your brand , you will have to activate the corresponding function on your channel.

Ready to broadcast on Youtube

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Once you’ve enabled YouTube Live Streaming. You can start streaming in four different ways: Issue now : It is the fastest and easiest method. Just start streaming and YouTube starts and stops the Mobile Number List stream for you. Events : Ideal for having more control over the broadcast. Including starting and stopping it whenever you want and seeing a preview. You can edit the privacy or delete it. Use a webcam : to broadcast from your laptop or computer without encoders. This option is available for Chrome browsers. New Call-to-action DANNY ORTIZ Inbound Marketing & Content Strategist at Cyberclick.

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