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Text ads are plac above and below organic search results in the search results view. Keyword advertising is done in Googles search network via the Google Ads advertising platform. SEO (search engine optimization ) aims to improve and increase the amount and quality of free traffic to the website by developing the sites natural search visibility in search engines.

Aims to get your website

Search engine optimization as high as possible in the search results with keywords and search phrases that b2b leads describe your product or services. Search engine optimization is roughly divid into three different work fronts: by developing the sites contents using keywords with a high search volume by improving the sites technical functionality by confirming the domain name of the site. So both of these marketing measures are like two different sides of the same coin but their

Purpose is to catch customers

goal is ultimately the same – the when they are actively looking for what your company offers. In our MRACE® model this important Mobile Number List initial stage of the purchase path is call Reach on which both SEM and SEO work have a very central effect. Search engine optimization can also influence the Act and Convert phases by producing content on the website for example which in the Act phase aims to deepen the visitors information search nes and in the

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