What Netflix tells about fans to companies and brands

Netflix and other streaming services like Amazon Prime don’t disclose their audience data, so it’s not always easy to know how a particular show is doing. In fact, it does not even share this information with the creators of the series themselves. Although some companies like Nielsen share some data, the truth is that not much is revealed behind the scenes. On the other hand, it is common for us to hear controversies from fans of a specific series who are outraged by its premature cancellation, as was the case with Sense8, while other more discreet ones continue to renew seasons. It seems, therefore, that Netflix’s decisions are not based on the popularity of a specific content.

What can companies and brands learn from Netflix

And the key is in the implication. The most important decision factor when it comes to renewing a series on this streaming platform is not how passionate its fans are, but the percentage of them who have finished watching the last season broadcast  Malaysia Whatsapp Number List Only in this way can they justify the high costs of producing original content. This metric is not only essential when renewing or not its own content, but also when “adopting” abandoned series from other channels. This has recently been the case with Lucifer , which Netflix has “rescued” from Fox to give it a fourth season.

What does Netflix know about its fans

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Although the audience figures for the series. Were relatively small (between 2.5 and 3.5 million viewers on the same day of broadcast), their loyalty has been. Enough to convince the platform that it is worth betting on. . What can companies and brands Mobile Number List learn from Netflix? Netflix’s criteria shows us that the key to knowing. What really moves the followers of companies and brands is not in the amount of noise they make. But in their actions and above all, in their ability to repeat them throughout weather. While enthusiastic feedback about companies and brands on social media is always welcome, ultimately the ability to generate ROI depends on turning fans into consumers .

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