What is the janitor technique?

Applied to our specific case, it consists ofWhat is the developing only the user interface, as close asWhat is the janitor technique? possible to what the real application would be like, but without developing the complicated algorithms that would make it work autonomously . On the contrary, within that developed interface, one or more members of the company (or a specialized team) would be in charge of interpreting the information and defining the behavior. That is, they would be the ones who would manually direct all the processes that the application should supposedly carry out. Isn’t it true that now you find more sense in the analogy of the robot and the armor?

We could also say that it is like an i

The advantage of this technique is that What is the janitor technique?we can have an apparently finished version of the application, to test it with real cases and with real “clients”, but without spending the money to finish it completely and being able to interpret and react proactively top industry data to the processes. Isn’t it amazing? It is true that I did not know this technique but I loved learning about it. What do you think? How would you apply this technique to test your idea? Would you like to know about a technique I use “to sell” when I have meetings with potential clients?

The need to test ourselves, without investing too much

Well, I’ll give you some clue. Our idea consists of creating a mobile and web application that would help solve a problem that more and more people suffer in today’s society . We could leave it there. What is theFrom there and from the Mobile Number List many questions and reflections that we shared at the meeting, an issue arose that worries us a lot: How could we test if it really fulfills its function with a reduced set of “guinea pigs”?

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