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 These ads are related because they are related to the subject of your website(without appearing strange ads). You can choose the format and size and insert ads wherever you want. Cons: This is quite intrusive; some sites have so many banners that you can barely see the content. You cannot choose which ads to display on your website. Just some parameters of the topic. Display ads don’t always mean good because they’re based on the cost per click. #9.

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How to make money on your site by providing ad space(banners), sponsored articles, or new data aid links Once you have a high traffic blog and your site has a good domain authority, companies that want to promote their products and services on your site will begin to emerge. In this sense, there are many ways to make money from your website: by directly providing banner ads, selling sponsored posts or including payment links in certain content of interest to the advertising company.

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If you have an interesting post on Google’s home page, don’t doubt Mobile Number List that some companies will contact you. Pros: The work involved in achieving this is almost zero because everything falls on the sponsor. You can negotiate periodic payments, for example, renewing the banners every X or per view. By advertising a company, you can contact other potential interested parties who will be interested to see your competitors exist.

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