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Advantages of CX Middle of the funnel: Solution-conscious (I need a tool that helps me improve the customer experience) How to improve CX CX trends Bottom-of-funnel (product-aware reader searching for product alternatives) CX tools Hotjar When you group content in this way, you make it easier for readers to stay on your site and learn more. This reduces the chance that they will move on to a competitor instead. Many B2B and B2C SaaS companies are already using topic clusters to deliver better content, but not all are doing it right.  make when creating theme clusters #1: Following a competitive strategy Following a Competitor-Led Strategy Competitor-led topic clusters can be a problem because.

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You can end up chasing keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. Imagine looking at a competitor like HubSpot. If you copy their popular topics without analysis, Afghanistan Phone Number List you can end up with things like: “The 100 most famous quotes of all time” or “What is your greatest weakness?” on your website. The 100 Most Famous Quotes of All Time – traffic , but they are not likely to lead to actual sales. #2 Content cannibalization Content Cannibalization If you have too many pages on your site talking about the same thing, you may run into a problem called ” keyword cannibalization “. Keyword or content cannibalization means your pages are competing against each other for the same keywords, which can hurt your organic traffic.

These themes may bring a lot of traffic

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Check the SERPs to ensure that the keyword is not related to the intent of another keyword. You can automate this process using a keyword grouping tool like Keyword Insights. Perform the keyword analysis, then upload the resulting CSV file to Keyword Insights, which will group all matching keywords with similar purposes. The keyword Mobile Number List with the highest search volume becomes the primary keyword, and the others become secondary keywords. Chima Mmeje – quote #No. 3: Relying too much on keyword research Relying Too Much on keyword research  overlook the needs of your target audience. An example is an HR technology company creating clusters simply because a keyword research tool suggests that “cloud computing” has a high search volume, even though it doesn’t align with their brand.

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