Using envelopes for direct mail advertising

Your message will show up at the critical moment when it will either see the light of day or be sent to the abyss. The envelope itself can increase the chances of the former happening in a number of ways. Business envelopes can convey the message that you are doing business because they are plain white and have minimal copy and graphics. Or they can go bold with colors, graphics, fonts and copy that hint at what’s inside. The decision between these two methods must be based on the product you are selling. If information about a prepaid funeral plan arrives in lime-green mail, it might raise eyebrows.

Yet the color is attractive for business

Envelopes may tie in with your corporate image and make your mail appear prestigious, like wearing a suit. Conversely, if your target market is the Casual Friday type, then company data a bright, fun look may appeal to your target market. After you’ve made a big decision, whether it’s conservative or laid-back, there are smaller but equally important details to consider. Consider the size of the message. A slight change from the standard business size might give you a little interest and make the contents feel more like a greeting card and less like a scary bill.

This kind of mental association means

Coming from friends rather than enemies, can guide other strategic decisions. Many direct marketers are using handwritten envelopes to increase open rates. There are Mobile Number List services that can make this a real, fast possibility. Another suggestion is to use a different font to decorate or warm up the address area. Also, consider using a personal name rather than a company name in your return address. It is generally recommended that you use real stamps rather than a postage meter when sending direct mail.

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