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But our author’s luck will not be such at his birth: his father John had lost the focus of his prosperous business and Mary Arden’s rancid maternal lineage would not be enough to give William an ucation that would support , according to his critics, that tidal creativity. literary, and full of envy as good critics tri to detract from his writings. Perhaps it is that economic ne or that hunger for everything that l William Shakespeare to marry Anne Hathaway , a few years older than him (almost 10), a marriage that, due to the rush in which it occurr, languages ​​that did not yet speak exactly English presum of an early pregnancy or an important dowry from the muse in question.

We Are Told About

The truth is that Susana, Hamnet and Judith saw the light of this union and their possible adventures in the art of love and infidelity remain lost b2b email list in the books that no one will read. Just like Jesus Christ, Shakespeare has some years that are lost in the chronology and it will only be at almost 25 years that he reappears on his own stage, with the help of what will later be his own theater company Lord Chamberlain’s Men , which will even be later protect by the same English monarch adopting the name of Kings Men .

Moments of Uncertainty

 One of the hardest blows was the death of her son at only 11 years old, which made her put all her interests in the motherhood of her daughters but without the Mobile Number List results of that desir family tree. For this, the fortune he had amass was more than enviable and had made him “appropriate” large lands and houses and even take over a theater which he call The Globe , which one of those days, like a hot air balloon, caught on fire and he took most of his manuscripts.

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