Video marketing trends for 2019-2020

It is clear that video has revolutionized the way we consume content, as it provides us with information in a much more interactive, visual and entertaining way , which makes any type of information much more digestible for the user. In addition, video is a natural storytelling medium , which makes it an effective method of persuasion, making our advertising more effective. It is clear that video is the favorite way of consuming content for millennials. According to a hubspot study, 96% of consumers ages 18-34 watch videos multiple times throughout the week, and 75% of millennials watch at least one video a day. Hubspot’s study also states that videos are helping with brand engagement and sales, as they are influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Video Vlogging for companies

In fact, 64% of consumers say that marketing videos have been influential in their purchasing decisions. Trends-video-marketing-2019-2020 some interesting facts about it are: every minimum day there are 8,000 million views on facebook. Story ad Kazakhstan Whatsapp Number List videos can increase ad impact, purchase intent, message association, and ctr. Sponsored videos on instagram generate 3 times more comments than sponsored photos. Youtube 6 second ads drive brand messaging lift of more than 30% , and 9 out of 10 top ads result in ad recovery globally. Digital advertising trends in video marketing for 2019-2020 1# live streaming with the use of live videos , you enhance the feeling in users of speaking directly to them.

IGTV and vertical videos

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This feeling of closeness encourages engagement since they expect their questions or comments to be answered in real time. Today, companies can use live video to publicize: new products make demos webinars do question and answer sessions Mobile Number List interviews o live visits in addition, it is a simple and free format to perform that does not require editing or post-production work. There are more and more platforms and social networks that promote functionality oriented to live video such as instagram live , facebook live or youtube live , and now recently linkedin

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