Top 5 Ways to Use YouTube Cards to Generate Leads and Sales

Youtube cards are notifications that are displayed at different points in videos, both on computers and mobile devices. When you add a card to a video , a small rectangle or teaser appears in the top right corner so that viewers can see a preview or teaser of the message. If the viewer taps or clicks on this notification, the card linked to the video will drop down. On computers and mobile devices in landscape position, the card appears on the right side of the video. On mobile devices in portrait position, the card is displayed below the player. Cards can be very effective in increasing the interactivity of a video and eliciting reactions from viewers, especially when combined with other calls to action and relevant to the content of the video. Types of youtube cards channel cards .

YouTube metrics for monetized channels

These cards are used to direct visitors to a specific youtube channel. For example, you can use them to link to one of your secondary channels or to say thank you to a channel you’ve collaborated with on a video. Video or playlist cards . You can use these India Whatsapp Number List cards to redirect users to other content that you want them to see. You can link to videos, to specific moments in a video or to playlists. Link cards . In order to use this feature, your channel must be a member of the youtube partner program. Within the link cards we have associated website cards (to direct the viewer to your website directly from the video), crowdfunding cards (to direct the viewer to one of your financing projects) or merchandising cards (to promote your products with different approved sellers). Survey cards .

The two most important YouTube metrics

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Donation cards . At this time, this option is only available to us-based creators who want to raise money for a us nonprofit. It allows Mobile Number List you to create cards so that users can donate directly from a video. How to add cards to your youtube videos you can add up to 5 cards to each youtube video . You just have to follow the steps below: log into your youtube account from a computer and go to video manager . Find the video you want to add the card to and select edit . Select cards in the tab bar. Click add card , choose the type of card you want to use and select the create option . In some cases, you will be asked to click enable to accept the terms and conditions.

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