TikTok tutorial to record a video step by step

To get started, we download the tiktok application and open it on our device. The first step is to create a user account from the application itself. It’s no mystery: choose your username, add a short description and a photo or video introduction. You can also link your twitter or instagram account if you want. 2) record videos to access the video recording screen , click on the + symbol. Once here, we can see many different options and sections to customize the recording process: how-to-record-a-tiktok-video-step-by-step-tutorial the red button at the bottom is the one we will use to record . You don’t have to hold it down, just touch once to start and once to end. In the upper right part we have a bar that allows us to choose the speed at which we are going to record (normal, slow or accelerated motion).

How to upload videos to TikTok step by step

At the bottom right we can access the photos and videos of our mobile. At the bottom left we can open the collection of effects , there are a lot! To France Whatsapp Number List locate them better they are ordered by categories. You can also mark your favorites with a tag to keep them close at hand. In addition to the effects, we also have more options such as rotating the camera between the front and rear, activating or deactivating the flash, applying a beauty filter for selfie videos or instagram-type filters . To make your task easier, these are also classified by type, for example, for food, for horizontal or vertical videos, to intensify colors.

Post the video on TikTok (or save it to drafts)

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Or the beautify option , which, as the name says, helps to blur the features and soften any imperfection on the face. On the right bar you have a timer with a countdown. This option is ideal if you want to record yourself by leaving your mobile phone Mobile Number List somewhere. At the top you can find the sounds functionality . Here you access a library with songs that you can add to your videos, both to make the typical “Playbacks” that are super popular on tiktok and to use them as background music. And finally, in the lower bar you can choose the duration of your tiktok video (60 or 15 seconds).

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