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This may continue through product use. The business-to-business process follows this path. The business is aware of a product or service. They express an interest in learning more on a surface level. They consider whether they want to continue learning more about the product or service. The intention is the key. Intention is when the buyer (the business) begins to express an interest in using the product with the business. Looking at the amount of time they spend on a website. call. ask questions. etc. expresses their intention to move forward with the service.

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The evaluation follows the intention. . the buyer will assess whether the information presented is in line with the goal of their personal business. Decision Taiwan Phone Number List or action to be taken. Customer service The sales journey goes a little into the customer service part. This section clearly identifies the key differences between business-to-consumer marketing and business-to-business marketing. B2C Business-to-consumer customer service must be fast and efficient. The problem is usually less complex. They want to return a product or ask frequently asked questions about the product. The solution could then be to refer to an FAQ page or work with automated chatbots. B2B Customer service with B2B is much more complex. It is normally an ongoing relationship.

The way you talk to ordinary consumers

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Therefore. customer service is almost always expected throughout the use of the service. If it’s a product like a security system. it’s expected that customer Mobile Number List service is readily available to help because of the usually higher price. Marketing language  will not be the same jargon you use in business dealings. There are a few cases where this is not true. B2C  approach here. The idea is to be relatable so that consumers feel they need your product to fit in. Your marketing language and advertising is much more likely to evolve and change based on current trends and the interests of the general public. Staying relevant is key. B2B This is usually a much more formal business approach.

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