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Keywords as informational or transactional.  what problems the applicant has. They also won’t tell you what features of your product can solve the problem. You need to consider your product’s use cases and customer needs rather than trying to rank for random keywords. #No. 4: Poor connection and user experience Topic clusters are great for improving the user experience on your site and making it easier for search engines to crawl your site. But linking to related content requires careful planning and execution.

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If the content of a topic cluster is not well organized and easily accessible, it can lead to a poor user experience and hurt SEO efforts. “I improved SEO for a client by building Albania Phone Number List more internal links and updating old pages to align them with search intent,” says Isioma Ogwuda , senior content marketer at Do Content Right. Poor Linking and User Experience #5: Limited content formats Sure, blog posts are great and all, but if you want to connect with your audience, you need to mix things up. Think about it – not everyone learns the same way. Some people learn visually, while others prefer to listen or read. That’s why it’s important to diversify your content and create different types of media, such as videos, infographics, e-books and even comparison sites.

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This way you can reach people in different ways and make your topic clusters more engaging and accessible. Ross Simmonds, founder of Foundation Marketing, is a strong advocate of diversifying your content. Limited Content  that works for SaaS Mobile Number List in three steps Step 1: Research Find out what your target audience needs and what problems they face. Here are some tips: Talk directly with customers to learn about their needs and wants. Identify common questions your target audience has about your products or services and create content that answers them. Ask your current customers for feedback to improve your offers. Research with Google and SEO tools to find searches related to your business. Tools like Ranktracker , Ahrefs and Also Asked can help you identify important keywords and topics.

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