The SEO content generated only 62 conversions

That said. you’d think that a content group that is so successful at capturing users would lead to a lot of conversions. but that’s not the case (only 62 conversions in our example). . which is much lower than social media. which has almost 10 times fewer impressions (10.438) and 5 times less engagement (users spend only 26 seconds on average). Despite the fact that users only spend 26 seconds on average on our social media pages. the conversion rate is remarkably high with 599 conversions. How can that be? Finally. our ads have quite a few impressions.

But the ad content doesn’t

Users are more engaged with this content than with social media. convert at all. How can we interpret these results? Let’s use the questions mentioned earlier and apply them Chile Phone Number List to this scenario: 1. Does it make sense? Let’s take the odd case of social media where users convert the most but have low pageviews and the lowest engagement. When we investigated the matter. we discovered that the social media audience was already familiar with the website’s products and services through exposure on platforms such as Facebook. The result was that when they got to the site. they were primarily concerned with registering rather than engaging with the content. 2. And so what? For the Ads content group.

On the other hand it can also

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We can increase the content production volume.  be business as usual. and you can leave it as it is. As for the ad content. the site could definitely use more of this content. The Mobile Number List engagement is above the other content groups (in addition to SEO). In addition to creating more posts on ads. we can promote these pages to target audiences on social media. as they have been proven to convert … Remember to use these two questions often in your analyses. We can continue our exploration by further analyzing the data and prioritizing the factors that have the greatest impact on your business. For this we will look at conversions. Conversions.

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