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Experience in the field, even if you use a solid SEO checklist to ensure you’ve ticked all the boxes . Why then should one get excited about performance-based marketing in the financial industry? The reason is quite simple: high payouts. Anyone who has spent even a. Few hours reading a finance book will quickly realize that the greater the risk, the higher the potential return. Therefore. Affiliate marketers promoting financial products can make a good buck, as for example, loan companies often pay a cost per lead (CPL) of as much as $50 per lead to their partners.

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For financial trading companies,  the hundreds of dollars and can easily exceed $1,000 per customer, making it well worth the effort for many affiliate marketers. Why get excited about performance marketing in the financial niche then? According UK Business Fax List to a benchmark report from Influencer. Marketing Hub, the affiliate marketing. Industry as a whole will pass $14.3 billion in 2023 and reach $15.7 billion in 2024.  of searches for “affiliate marketing” increased sharply. between 2020 and 2022, by more than 264%. If you’re ready to take the plunge into. Financial services affiliate marketing, you better bring your coat and umbrella. Because it’s going to rain. What did it look like ten years ago? Before I start digging into the past, I just want to clarify that we will focus on SEO-driven traffic to websites in the financial trading niche, since that is the area in which I have the most experience.

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At how easy it was to start an affiliate website in this area just ten years ago. About ten years ago, it was relatively easy to start a website that review Mobile Number List s and compares various online trading services and offers useful content. My first website was based on a $50 about $500. I had to spend countless hours uploading all the content and I still remember that Christmas day when I uploaded from 6 in the morning until around midnight. Fortunately, I’m Jewish, so celebrating

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