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The client such a change was made but no thought was given to redirecting the old to the new which unfortunately again resulted in duplication. User Experience Product Page User Experience It’s worth making sure that product pages don’t differ significantly from the known standards of big stores like or These stores spend a lot of money on research and analysis to improve conversion rates. Why? Because people trust what they know more than the news. If they start leaving your store the bounce rate will increase. To Google this may be a sign that your website is not the best choice for customers and will lower its rankings.

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So how do you arrange the data on the page? For example: product name at the top photo on the left price and availability on the right or shipping cost then Photo Retouching description then reviews Photos Photos are a very important element they can often determine whether a potential customer will buy or not. The vast majority of stores download product descriptions and photos from the manufacturer’s website. Sure it’s very quick and convenient but their quality is often not up to par. If you want to sparkle in your clients’ eyes you might consider taking your own photos.

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Photo Optimization It’s worth optimizing photos in your store as they can significantly reduce page load times. I often encounter photos larger than , and photos this large are rarely needed. I recommend checking their resolution first as it’s usually too high. This Mobile Number List can significantly reduce the weight of your photo. It is worth optimizing the file later for example using . So it is usually possible to get the contents of e.g. from a file. Next I would look to see if the file name correlates with the product name. Next the image contains an alternative description that presents what is in the graphic.

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