The Future of Data & IoT, an event to learn the keys to business datafication

IEBS Business School , the leading digital business school in online training, presents The Future of Data & IoT , a global and online event that will bring together great references and digital leaders from the world of Big Data, Business Intelligence, data analytics and the Internet of things. During the conference, the experts will share their experiences in the application of these technologies in the company and how they have achieved analytical advantages to become true Data Driven companies.

 The leading digital business school

The world is evolving at great speed and we are witnessing an unprecedented change in which the economy of data is replacing the economy of production, and where algorithms have become essential in the day to day of organizations. This is a revolution Panama Whatsapp Number List caused by data, algorithms and sensors that companies need to join if they want to be competent in the future, since it not only contributes to decision-making, but also optimizes accessibility, increases productivity and fosters innovation, among many other things. In fact, according to the NewVantage Partners Big Data and AI Executive Survey study , 98.8% of the world’s leading companies have increased their investments in data analytics and artificial intelligence in recent years.

What will the presentations talk about

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However, the business adoption of Big Data remains a challenge, with 73.4% of organizations reporting it as an ongoing challenge and only 37.8% claiming to have become fully data driven. This need for dataification has triggered the number of vacancies Mobile Number List related to data. Reports such as Linkedin’s Emerging Jobs point to professions related to data as one of the jobs with the highest growth and size of demand, which makes it one of the best job opportunities today. That is why The Future of Data & IoT was born, a conference aimed at both professionals and aspirants or people who are entering the world of data and want to know how to take advantage of and generate benefits from data at the hands of big companies. professionals.

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