The 7 secrets to make your video marketing go viral

Social value refers to the image of ourselves that we project to others . On social media, we tend to share posts that project a positive image of our lives, for example vacation photos. Therefore, products that are tied to experiences and that project prestige or other positive qualities are more likely to become the stars of a viral video marketing campaign . A very clear example of this type of product is the cheesesteak at the barclay prime restaurant in philadelphia. Normally this dish does not cost more than 5 dollars and it is an everyday meal that people would not share on their social networks. But the one at this restaurant costs $100 and has been a hit.

The 7 secrets of viral videos

The reason is that its high price is linked to exclusivity and makes it perceived as a special experience. Which is why almost all the people who try it talk about it on their networks. Another way to project social value is to associate videos. With charitable causes, for example, with the famous ice bucket challenge Hong Kong Whatsapp Number List against sclerosis. 2) the activators ( triggers ) the activators are in charge of reminding the consumer of the existence of our product. Associating it with other elements of their daily life . Thus, every time they think of that moment in their day to day, they will remember our brand, which reinforces the relationship with it. Let’s see it with two very simple examples: the song friday, by rebeca black ( it’s fridaaaaaay, fridaaaaay…) was a viral video marketing sensation at the time.

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If we look at youtube playback statistics, we see that visits multiply on fridays. And it is that thanks to its catchy chorus, users remember it every week. In 2007, kit kat was facing declining sales. To curb this trend, they had a great idea: associate Mobile Number List the kit-kat with coffee, which consumers usually drink several times a day. Coffee became a trigger for kit-kat consumption. Hkk_header-lockup 3) emotions the value of emotions in marketing has been known at least since the time of aristotle. To do viral video marketing , we can use this principle to our advantage knowing that strong emotions make people share content.

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