The 5 YouTube metrics that will help you grow

To know if our youtube channel is growing or not. We have to look at the number of subscribers to the channel, which is the result of the strategy and the content. But in reality, it helps us more to look at the two basic and fundamental youtube metrics: views and retention . Youtube metrics that will help you grow your channel 1) views or visits this metric is very easy to understand: it is simply the number of views each video is getting. Although the algorithm youtube uses to determine what counts as a ” view ” isn’t entirely clear. It’s generally believed that views start counting once the user has watched at least 30 seconds of the video. It is also known that youtube has a system to detect fraudulent views that kicks in once a video exceeds 300 views.

YouTube and the conversion funnel

Because of this, sometimes the view count gets stuck for a while at 301 while youtube checks. That the views are legit. If it detects something suspicious (for example, the visits come from a few computers that load the page over and over again), those Indonesia Whatsapp Number List visits are removed from the account. The visits received during the first 48 hours from the publication are essential for the success of a video. If the video gets a lot of attention from the start, youtube will most likely recommend it to people who aren’t subscribed to the channel.

Video marketing actions by phase

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To the channel or who view our content through our brand channels such as social networks or the blog. To achieve this, we need to carefully think through. The launch strategy for each video to Mobile Number List maximize views in the first 48 hours. The views also help us to see the evolution of the channel . Comparing the visits of the last video with those of the previous ones. To see if it has generated more or less interest. The trend should be positive; if not, it is possible that the focus or the themes are not adequate.

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