The 10 most impressive video marketing campaigns of summer 2020

Campofrío has decided to bet on humor with its summer campaign. ” Extras ” is made up of two 30-second spots that highlight the fact. That his York ham does not contain any extra ingredients. For this reason, to add something to the announcement, two “extraordinary” situations are proposed: an epic tasting and a “extremely fine” katana cut. The campaign started on August 7 and will be active for five weeks on different digital media, including YouTube , digital media, online television and social networks. The creativity has been carried out by the McCann agency. 2) Star Damm Summer wouldn’t be summer without the ads for this mythical beer.

Top 10 Summer 2020 Video Marketing Campaigns

Marketers wait to see what campaign Estrella Damm surprises us with. Traditionally, her ads revolved around friendship, music and enjoyment, but in 2019 she took a Ecuador Whatsapp Number List radical turn to propose an awareness campaign around caring for the environment. In 2020, Estrella has chosen to continue in this line with ” Commitment “, a declaration of intent in which we can see its new packs of beer cans without plastic rings. Of course, on this occasion the launch of the summer video marketing campaign has been waiting until July. 3) Pescanova Pescanova is one of those “lifelong” brands… like the “Verano azul” series.

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For this reason.  in its spot ” Los Rodolfos son para el verano .  The frozen fish brand opts for nostalgia and for making us remember those childhood summers on the beach. All without forgetting a touch of humor. 4) Don Simón cold tea The Don Simónb iced Mobile Number List  tea brand has also chosen to bet on nostalgia , in this case quite literally. And it is that his 2020 ad recycles the mythical 1995 spot entitled “Carla”. Thus, the brand appeals to the memories of a generation. That has grown up with this drink, saves on the budget and incidentally.

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