State of Video Marketing in Numbers

Currently, more than 24 million internet users between the ages of 16 and 65 consume videos online. This represents an upward trend since 2014, so it’s not surprising that video marketing is still trending. The main barriers for non-users are traditional television, not liking the online environment, and lack of time or interest. The videos that are viewed the most are musicals, series, movies, animation and humorous content. The younger users focus more on music, movies, series and video games, while the older ones watch more documentaries and news. For men, videos of sports, science and adult content stand out, and for women those of cooking and beauty. On average, users spend 19.2 hours a week watching online videos. Normally the content is seen on a delayed basis.

The video marketing market in Spain

The most used device to watch online video is the computer , followed by the mobile phone, smarttv and tablets. 25% of users state that they make Jamaica Whatsapp Number List comments while watching the video, especially to share opinions or to interact with other users.  Facebook, instagram and atresmedia are also very popular in our country. The best valued catalog is from netflix, which receives an 8.3 from users.

Videos of sports, science

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Only 16% of users state that they have paid to watch online content, mainly series, movies and sports. Content is the main motivation to pay to watch videos online. The main barriers Mobile Number List to paid content are the existence of free media and the lack of interest or need. Almost one in two participants in the study would be willing to pay to see content of their interest. The average amount that you would be willing to pay is 3.91 euros , and the category for which you would pay the most is video games. If we formulate the question in terms of monthly fee, users would be willing to pay between 7 and 30 euros (10.23 euros on average).

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