Snack Ads and Bumper Ads: video marketing reduced to 10 seconds

In the world of online marketing , snack ads are “bite” ads, that is, they last 10 seconds or less . A trend that is in line with maintaining the attention of users in an increasingly saturated advertising market. In Google’s own words, they are a short video ad format that allows you to reach more customers and increase brand awareness with a short and easy-to-remember message. With these ads, you can reach users with short messages with minimal impact on their viewing experience. These are the most important characteristics you should know about bumper ads:

Why are you interested in using snack ads and bumper ads in your company

They are specially designed to be viewed on mobile devices. Videos must have a maximum duration of 6 seconds (they can be shorter, although this would already be very difficult on a creative level) and users cannot skip them. Viewing the ad does not increase Macedonia Whatsapp Number List the number of views of the video on YouTube. The payment model is based on the CPM or cost per thousand , that is, the advertiser pays every time the ad is shown a thousand times. Google Ads recommends using this type of snack ads to improve brand. Awareness and combine them with related True View ads, which have a longer duration and allow users. To interact with different elements of the video, such as overlay calls to action, cards or the banners.

How to start using snack ads and bumper ads in your company

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Because the figures show that they work . According to an article by Curtis Tredway published Mobile Number List on Medium . 89.61% of a video’s audience maintains their full attention for the first 10 seconds, but after that it starts to decline: 80.41% at 20 seconds. 66.16% at 30 seconds, 46.44% at one minute and 9.42% at 5 minutes. So keeping the maximum video length to 10 seconds or less allows us to retain nearly 9 out of 10 people.

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