San Publicito and Santa Publicita celebrating Advertising Day (2023)

To understand the origins of this advertising holiday we must stick to 3 different legends that tell how San Publicito , our dear and beloved patron saint, became a martyr in our wonderful world of advertising (and marketing). We don’t know if the stories are true or not, but they put a little sense of humor into the legends. There is something for all tastes, so everyone can keep the one they like the most, amuse them or hook them: 1# San Publicito scholarship holder According to legend, Publicito was a poor intern in the sales department of any company, the name of which has been lost in the memory of time. The boy, who wanted to score a goal against his new team, decided to create a PO (Purchase Order) in the management tool of his advertising company… Without success, as expected.

The origins of San Publicito on Advertising Day

Publicito plucked up his courage and faced, for the first time, the dreaded tool. Unfortunately for him, he first asked for a son, then for his blood, and finally for his life. Thus ended the Oman Whatsapp Number List sad life of a little Publicito who had just begun his journey through the dark and sinister world of management and accounting tools in advertising agencies. D.E.P 2# San Publicito graphic designer Another of the legends tells us that, in reality, Publicito worked at night in a graphic company. One of those nights and after facing more than 50,000 modifications and revisions by a client, he asked Publicito to make the logo bigger.

San Publicito present in all agencies

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D.E.P 3# San Publicito producer Lastly, the other Mobile Number List legend that exists around the figure of our highest patron says that Publicito witnessed an authentic divine miracle. In one of his days as a worker in a production department, the good guy from Publicito found a miraculous briefing with consistent delivery deadlines, perfect timing and a great budget with which he could start working . Not a single hit, not a single but. Hardly believing it, Publicito went to print the job with the bad luck that the 5-ink machine also swallowed his body.

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