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The word webinar is a neologism from english that arises from the fusion of two words: “ web ” and “ seminar ” (seminar). It is associated with all content in video version that focuses on providing knowledge and training . It takes into account the reality of the user’s habits and its format is of short duration. They are almost always free and are usually aimed at generating leads , that is, attracting potential customers. Hence, many times they are taught by companies, focusing knowledge on the niche of the organization. The positive part is that they also provide: brand recognition. Content of value to the user. It is an exhibitor of the company’s experience, because the training is given by professionals who are up to date.

What are webinars and why did they appear

Yes, there are paid webinars , but these are usually given by renowned people or are part of an online course or master’s degree. A webinar is usually one of the usual assets of inbound marketing and focuses its training on: how to use a digital tool or program. The benefits of a certain product or service. Provide knowledge on specific topics that are usually given in El Salvador Whatsapp Number List extensive digital courses. Provide knowledge on issues related to the company, to position itself as an expert in that sector. What-is-a-webinar cyberclick webinar on facebook ads what is a webinar for? It is already half outlined in the previous point, but webinars are usually used for 2 objectives: as an asset of a digital or inbound marketing strategy .

What are webinars and why did they appear

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With the aim of reinforcing the brand before its target audience and to encourage the registration of new contacts and work them towards sales. As part of an extensive digital course . It is already a widespread reality to carry out courses and masters Mobile Number List at a distance. The webinars are the pills into which the entire agenda is divided. It is a format with a lot of engagement because people can interact live and ask questions that are answered by the trainer or the rest of the attendees. Another strong point is that if you cannot attend the live, many times the webinar is recorded and you can view it later. The quality of the webinar and its broadcast will depend on the tools available for its realization .

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