Marketing on YouTube: how to develop a strategy for your brand

The marketing figures on youtube are simply incredible. Let’s take a look at some data: youtube has nearly 2 billion monthly active users. In any given month, 8 out of 10 adults under 50 watch a video on youtube. Around 20% of users who start watching a youtube video abandon it after just 10 seconds. First impressions are very important! The amount of time users spend watching youtube videos is increasing by 60% every year.

What opportunities does YouTube offer in figures

The average playback session on mobile devices lasts more than 40 minutes. More than 50% of youtubers use it to find out how to do new things, from knitting to investing in the stock market. They are 3 times more likely to watch a tutorial Iceland Whatsapp Number List on youtube than to read a product’s instructions. The four most popular types of content are music, humor, pop culture/entertainment, and tutorials. What do we look for with our youtube strategy? To consider our video marketing plan , we first have to know what we want to achieve. Youtube marketing can help us achieve a variety of goals, but it’s most useful early in the sales process .

What do we look for with our YouTube strategy

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If we use the classic conversion funnel as a reference. We can distinguish three main phases: tofu or top of the funnel : the user has discovered a need Mobile Number List related to our brand and begins to search for information on how to solve it. Mofu or middle of the funnel : the user is already clearer about what he wants and is evaluating different options to achieve it. Bofu or bottom of the funnel – after doing their research, the user is considering a handful of solutions, including our product or service. Youtube marketing is especially well-suited to the first two phases of this process: in the tofu phase, we will be looking for objectives related to brand awareness, reach, recognition or connection with the audience.

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