How to write to get views on YouTube

To achieve this it is necessary to take into account the following factors. Getting the viewer’s attention: youtube thumbnails are not always attractive and eye-catching, so most clicks are achieved thanks to the title or description. With this we want to highlight the importance of writing in a brief. Clear and attractive way what is within that content. Give correct information to the user: it is not just about getting clicks, it is also necessary to ensure that. The user sees the video until the end and that he does not feel cheated. The description of the video must be detailed and must be able to attract the user, but it must also tell the truth.

Getting the viewer’s attention

Include links in the description that are related to the topic or that are commented on in the video: linking to official sources. Your own website or others that are of interest adds value to the video content. Youtube-seo-and-copywriting-how-to-write-for-youtube-2-1 write short, clear sentences: youtube prefers short descriptions. When the text is short Costa Rica Whatsapp Number List and easy to read, it is much more attractive to users.  In addition, the title must not exceed 70 characters including spaces or it will be cut off. Include keywords : just as you would do on a web page or blog, on youtube it is also necessary to enter. The keywords with which users will reach the video in the title and description.

Give correct information to the user

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Example: using google keyword planner or youtube’s own autocomplete. Youtube-seo-and-copywriting-how-to-write-for-youtube-1 using tags correctly. Youtube also allows the use of tags. Which are very short words or phrases that allow the user and the Mobile Number List platform to know the content of the video. Example: you can analyze tags using the tube buddy tool for youtube. Youtube-seo-and-copywriting-how-to-write-for-youtube-2 reply to comments. Users like to get feedback from the people behind that video. Although these are brief, it is important to respond to comments. Especially those that raise a question.

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