How to develop your YouTube content plan for businesses

The first essential step is to consider how your company YouTube channel can help you within your marketing strategy, so we are going to analyze the available options. YouTube and the conversion funnel The sales conversion funnel is made up of three essential phases for our day to day as digital marketers: funnel The TOFU or top of the funnel phase: when a user from our target audience discovers a need related to our brand and begins to search for information on solutions. The MOFU or middle of the funnel phase : the user is already clearer about what he wants and is evaluating different options to solve his need.

Schedule and frequency

The BOFU or bottom of the funnel phase: the user has done their research and is evaluating a few options, among which is our product or service. Branded YouTube channels are especially suitable for the first two stages of the funnel , TOFU and MOFU. marketing Iran Whatsapp Number List strategy on youtube1In the TOFU phase , we can use our YouTube content plan for brand awareness, reach, recognition, or audience engagement goals . According to our experience in Cyberclick, the contents that work best for this are: Product videos or catalogs ( more focused on publicizing the brand than on sales) the tutorials Trainings and courses brand vlogs _ In the MOFU phase , the main goal will be to reach potential customers.

Brainstorming and benchmarking

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To do this, we recommend relying on the following types of content: Questions and answers about our product or service . For example, we can carry out a weekly live broadcast to answer questions that come to us via chat. Interviews with industry Mobile Number List personalities or customer testimonials . webinar . This format is very suitable for adding value on specific topics to users who already know you. marketing strategy on youtube3 Video marketing actions by phase Now we are going to see another possible classification of the phases that the user goes through, especially designed for video marketing. video marketing funnel Here we include both phases prior to entering the conversion funnel and later.

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