How to Check Google Rankings 3 Fast & Accurate Ways

Have you been Googling your keyword to see where you’re ranking? Never do that. It won’t be accurate because Google personalizes search results by things like your location, language, and device. Even using an incognito or private tab doesn’t fully solve the problem. To check rankings accurately, you need to use tools. How to check rankings for one keyword Use our free keyword rank checker. Enter your target keyword, add your website, and choose your target location. Ahrefs’ free keyword rank checker Then, hit “Check rankings.” We’ll show you your current ranking position for that target keyword, important SEO metrics, and the top 10 search results: Ahrefs ranking #7 for “affiliate marketing,” via Ahrefs’ free keyword rank checker You can repeat this process for all your target keywords.

How to see all the keywords you rank for

Your website will also rank for keywords that you are not targeting or haven’t thought of. You can check what these keywords are by signing up top industry data for a free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) account. Once you’ve signed up and verified your website, go to the Organic keywords report to see the: Keywords your website is ranking for. Exact URL ranking for those keywords. Exact ranking position. Search volume for those keywords. Amount of estimated search traffic your website receives by ranking for those keywords. And more. Organic keywords report, via Ahrefs Webmaster Tools SIDENOTE. You can also do this by using Google’s free Search Console tool. However, it’s limited to the top 1,000 keywords and only shows you average rankings.

How to track rankings for many keywords

If you want to track rankings for a bunch of important keywords over time, you’ll need a rank tracking tool like Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker. This will run scheduled rank position checks, plus Mobile Number List show you: Whether they’re improving or declining. If you’re ranking for SERP features. How much (estimated) search traffic the keywords are sending you. And more. Keyword metrics, via Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker You’ll also be able to track keywords in a specific state, city, or even ZIP code, which is important if you’re targeting local keywords: Adjusting location settings in Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker You can even add your competitors and see how you’re faring against them

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