How to benchmark the competition’s YouTube channel

First of all, you need to know what you want to achieve with your benchmark (and, therefore, with your youtube channel ). These objectives will help you to focus the analysis and, if necessary, to modify the sections that we suggest later. Think about how you’re going to link your activity on youtube to your marketing kpis. 2) identify the competition to focus the analysis well, the ideal is to focus on about 5-10 competitors in our sector. Given the great popularity of youtube, it is very likely that there are many more channels related to yours, so you should think carefully about what criteria you are going to use to filter them. On the one hand, you are interested in looking for companies that are very similar to yours, either by services or products offered, location, size… And that compete in the same space and for the same clients.

How to benchmark your YouTube channel step by step

But on the other hand, it may also be interesting to introduce another level of analysis by seeing what more established companies are doing, smes that have a powerful youtube channel with very few resources or even reference channels in english. 3) measure your kpis in this step you will have to do the “Raw work” of extracting the relevant data about Chile Whatsapp Number List all the companies you have chosen, ordering and classifying them. In the next section of this article you will find an example of which sections and data to include in your youtube benchmark. 4) analyze the information in this phase we have to make sense of all the information we have collected, comparing our own metrics with those of the competition, analyzing the similarities and differences and extracting possible areas of improvement for our company.

Sections to include in your YouTube benchmark

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The ideal is to obtain a list of “Next steps” that includes practical measures to apply in our channel. In this step it can be very useful to have several people from your team collaborate to provide their comments, since they will surely look at different aspects and help you to make a more complete analysis. 5) apply the results for all the work we Mobile Number List have done in the benchmark to make sense, we have to use the conclusions drawn to improve our youtube channel. Therefore, the last step will be to apply the list of improvements that we have drawn up and, after a reasonable amount of time, re-measure and analyze our kpis to see if we are achieving the desired results.

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