How to design more viral Pins for our Pinterest?

How key design, Pinterest cannot spend more time outside of your company’s social media strategy, especially if it is in a sector as visual as tourism. But, as with the rest of the platforms, being present on Pinterest just to have an online place to upload photographs, without coherent planning, will not bring you very great benefits. In this post you will find What to take into account when creating content on Pinterest, to enhance the virality of our pins? And what methods do you use on Pinterest to get more viral Pins? “In social networks, it is well known by everyone that beautiful images always tend to stand out more easily than the rest of the content” Let’s remember: What is a pin? It is the name given to images, infographics, videos, etc. that are uploaded.

On Pinterest there is not only a place for photos

What to take into account when creating content on Pinterest, to enhance the virality email database of our pins? 1. Play with the shapes of your pins Using different shapes and/or lengths in your images is another interesting way to achieve greater virality. Experience tells us that, generally speaking, images that are longer rather than wider attract more attention. How key design, For example: Infographics, which are usually rectangular, tend to be very viral on Pinterest. 2. Make your pins colorful Images or photos of landscapes with striking colors, but that have a balanced and visually pleasing combination, also tend to work very well, increasing the virality of those pins. The power of words.

Include Pin-it buttons on your website or blog

Many think that on Pinterest the text does not matter, that this network is merely a matter of photos or images. But, that is Mobile Number List a mistake. Of course, most people perceive the images first, but immediately afterwards they focus all their attention on the words. That is why you should include a description for those images in your pins, because whether or not their virality increases will largely depend on it. Even though Pinterest allows you to use 500 characters, that doesn’t mean you should drown your images in a flood of words. Include only a small description, easy to read and with some keywords, that can help your followers discover the essence of those pins. 4. Include a call to action Another way to make our pins more viral.

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