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SEM and SEO two different sides of the same coin. Both search engine marketing measures aim to reach and attract customers who are willing to buy to your website but the methods of operation between the two are different. In this blog we explain how SEM and SEO cannot and should not live without each other. SEM and SEO – what do they affect Today search engines are most likely the first place your potential customer goes to look for information or a solution to their nes.

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 Therefore it is s website is easy to find and ranks high in search results when a user makes a b2b email list search that is essentially relat to the product or service you offer. At that time a potential customer can also turn into a paying customer very quickly if he is guid from the search engines search result or advertisement to a landing page that offers a solution to his nes with engaging content and a well-design user experience.

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In order to attract from the search results to your website you should aim to effectively maximize both organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) visibility Mobile Number List for your pages. SEM and SEO are the introverts of the Reach phase SEM (search engine marketing) or search engine advertising means for example paid advertising in Googles keyword network where you select the keywords you want your ad to appear in connection with a Google search.

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