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A brochure or a degree thesis, any writing project must necessarily start from the basics. Knowing the work of writing and applying a method transforms any sentence into an opportunity to communicate in a lighter and more direct way. A quick but informative manual on how to adapt motivations, aspirations and creativity. Giving shape and order to the way of expressing what we process with the mind and we would like to share with our audience.

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How to refine a text until it shines. CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON BOOKS ON COPYWRITING – VOLUME #12 How to techniques to get more and more sales and more customers. books on copywriting How to write to sell Ray s : 240 Singapore Business Fax List Language : Italian Reading level : Basic Publisher : Unicocomunicazione.it Author : Ray Edwards Price : 18.90 I know, the title immediately makes one think of the classic market book written by the “guru” on duty who promises to earn millions with a single sales letter. Actually this book on copywriting is not quite like that. It offers interesting focused writing techniques to get results in terms of reader conversion. So if you’re looking for a handbook on style and creativity, this isn’t for you. However, I am convinced that being a copywriter also means writing for direct sales. The Edwards Handbook offers the basics of direct response writing.

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CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON BOOKS ON COPYWRITING – VOLUME #13 The Words to Sell Discover the words to improve your results. books on copywriting paolo-borzacchiello-words-to-sell-easy-web-marketing Number of pages : 224 Language : Italian Mobile Number List Reading level : Basic Publisher : Unicocomunicazione.it Author : Paolo Borzacchiello Price : 9.40 When I started my career in digital marketing, one of the first books I read was Paolo Borzacchiello’s Le Parole per Vendere. At first glance it may seem like a simple text. to words? Yet our messages are made of them. They attract, sell, convince. But not only. If we use the wrong ones, they create doubts, push our contact person away. They can lose important business. What you get from your audience depends

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