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 It is the best visual builder for web design and once you understand it, it will be your best ally. Already a brutal tool in itself, but it’s important to know that (if you don’t know it yet), there are tons of plug-ins from other developers that will make this builder a weapon of mass destruction. Let’s look at the process you’re looking for The stages of designing a website The installation and activation of a directory index Element settings Set Shipping(Professional) Custom fonts() Custom icons(Professional version) Custom code(Professional version)

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File manager Tools System information Step one Get help License License(Professional) Conclusion special data Installation and Activation To install, you simply follow these steps: Go to Plugin > Add a new plugin and search in Plugin Finder . Click “ install”, then click “ activate”. When you are done, you have installed it for free . Simple. How to install an element Now, if you want to install it, you must purchase a license and upload it from the same plug-in page.

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 Element Settings After installing, let’s see how to configure it. Depending on whether you are installing only the free version or the free version, different options will appear in the menu to Mobile Number List configure your . I will tell you how to configure each tab below and tell you in each tab whether the option belongs to one version or another. Settings In the “ setup” subsection you will see a tab where you can configure various things:

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