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Try to see the numbers that stand out from the ones that don’t. Look for pages with similar numbers to get an idea of ​​your averages. and take note of those that are either above or below them. as each could be a conversion opportunity. For example. pages with a high number of views but few conversions may indicate that users’ expectations were not met. These pages need to be researched and optimized for conversions (A/B testing can be used here).

Does that make sense?

In conjunction with GA4’s ABC. Always be sure to ask these two questions: And then what? Note: The question “does it make sense” does not only have negative connotations.  Azerbaijan Phone Number A few posts that rank higher than expected may indicate new content opportunities that interest your audience. You can start applying the ABC model to content groups in the early stages of content analysis in the pages and screen reports . Segmentation While it is useful to have a general understanding of our results. it is important to note that the level of aggregation we are currently at may not provide the specific details that can make a significant difference. The problem with larger aggregations is that results (both positive and negative) are often attributed to the group as a whole rather than to individual contributors.

Attempts to optimize for all of

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For example. you might assume that Canada is your most profitable market. But in reality. it’s a specific city like Mississauga where the bulk of your customers live. As a result. Canada may not produce the desired results. To get a clearer understanding of your reports. there are some Mobile Number List typical segments to consider: Conversions Secondary dimensions Some useful secondary dimensions. Demographics (age and gender) **Geography **(City/town. country. region) Platform. Bevice (device category. browser. operating system. etc.) **Traffic Source **(Session Source/Medium) Let’s see how this all works by starting with content groups. Practical examples of content analysis Note: We’ll start with the content group. but the same process applies to. All primary dimensions in the Pages and Screenshots report and the. Landing Pages reports.  into different groups first.

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