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Bt is memorization enough Non-unique followers distribut across multiple social platforms (primarily YouTube, Facebook, Instagram). “ Brands that already have a strong identity narrative on social mia are not ideal candidates for influencer marketing. Murray Legg CEO of Webfluential – influencer marketing company We know that influencers have the task of capturing the trust and attention of an organic audience on social mia and driving them towards the brand. Influencers frequently comment and purchase the products mention in their videos or posts. But how are they selec.

Before choosing influencers

Nickelodeon’s social team research seo expate bd Julius , the agency specializing in data-driven insights and an intuitive end-to- end influencer marketing solution. So big data and not just the number of followers. Monitoring of influencers’ social channels continues for a year and can go back up to five years. In fact, Nickelodeon does not want to damage its image of “clean television” for kids built over the years. Nickelodeon wants to make sure that influencers represent themselves accurately and that their content and audience comments are appropriate. The differentiat element of Nickelodeon’s use of influencers was that the brand contents were all coordinat with each other with a single direction.

While maintaining the differentiat

Rlements of identity of the influencer and its Mobile Number List audience. The Slyfox family post a video of the children rejoicing at the invitation to the event. Mama Bee and Miss Monkey instead launch a video contest that ask their followers to vote on the clothes they should wear and how to do. “ It’s a collaborative process. Creative freom to influencers while providing sufficient direction to achieve brand goals. It’s a delicate balance. Katharine Santeiro Nickelodeon Social Team Director The social interaction was extraordinary thanks to the influencers who were a real driving force behind the show, and also because the show’s mechanism involves voting by the public in weeks. This direct involvement has creat significant hashtag and share traffic online.

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