Average Daily Minutes Spent

In 2022. Tiktok was the second-most downloaded app globally. Placing runner-up to instagram… though it was the most downloaded app on the apple app store. Data.ai app ranking downloads tiktok has 150 million monthly active users in the u.s. Tiktokers use the app for an average of 1.5 hours every single day. Average daily minutes spent in-app during q2 2022 china’s version of tiktok. Douyin. Meanwhile. Has 600 million active daily users… a number that experts project will pass 835 million by 2025. Graph of daily active users tiktok is the sixth most frequently used social media app. Up from its seventh-place finish in 2021 facebook. Youtube. Whats app. Instagram. And wechat outrank it. World’s most used social platforms however. When you rank apps for highest usage time.

TikTok Climbs the Charts Slightly

Tiktok climbs the charts slightly. Clocking in at. In other words: tiktok may have fewer users than instagram. But it appears to be more compelling. Mobile apps most used digital apps tiktok users spend 22.9 hours per month on the app; youtube clocks in with a slightly higher number at 23.4 hours monthly. 

Time using social apps users tune in business lead to tiktok to find fun: 4 in 5 users rate tiktok as very or extremely entertaining. The most popular tiktok hashtag is fyp. Which has 18.57 trillion views to date. The second-most popular hashtag is viral. Which clocks in at a mere 6.3 trillion views. 90% of tiktok users report that the platform makes them happy and never gets boring.

TikTok User Statistics You’ve Probably

Tiktok user statistics you’ve probably got a broad picture in your head of who the average tiktok user is  but the truth is. Not every one of the billion global active users on the platform is a billie eilish impersonator. There are people from every generation represented on the app. Using tiktok’s fun and easy editing tools to post videos on everything from dance trends to financial advice for better or for worse to activism. 

These are also people who are interested Mobile Number List in engaging with brands and doing some serious shopping… so if your company is on the ‘tok. It’s time to get to know and love your viewers. Tiktok recently surpassed a huge milestone: billion global active users. That’s 18% of internet users worldwide.

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