5 ways to use video as advertising on Instagram

Since the birth of Instagram we have been able. To see countless changes and innovations: we went through a time when exaggerated filters abounded in everyday photographs. We saw the followers of some characters grow exponentially, we witnessed the euphoria of following pet profiles and, finally, we reached the video . Videos on Instagram have produced (for some time now) a complete change in the platform . They have allowed influencers to connect more with their audience and ordinary users to expose their lives in an even more real way on the social network.

Promotion in Influencers profile

Of course, video has long been embedded. In the way of advertising on Instagram, and it has more applications than we think . That is why today we will explore many of the ways to use video for commercial purposes on the most fashionable New Zealand Whatsapp Number List social network. Video marketing on Instagram 1# Promoted videos The first category is Promoted Ads in the form of videos . It is one of the most common. It is the traditional Instagram ad (paid and managed as advertising by the same platform), only that it appears in the form of a video. If it’s done by big brands, it can often be a short adaptation of their TV spot .

Promotion in influencers profile – Stories

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However, more and more brands and agencies are Mobile Number List betting on the creation of content intended solely for the digital field. An example is the Donettes campaign on the occasion of the launch of the “Hot Challenge”.

The brand encourages consumers to share. The Donettes pack with their friends (one of whom will be hot). Record the reactions, and post it online using the hashtag DonettesHotChallenge. Those who manage to hide the itching of the product can win prizes.

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