10 video marketing myths

Video marketing requires a lot of equipment . Reality: today, users value naturalness and spontaneity over perfect productions. All you need to get started is your mobile camera. 2# myth: the most effective videos last less than 3 minutes . Fact: there is no exact formula for how long a video should be, and there is no reason to be afraid of long videos. If users are really interested in a content, they will see it until the end. Video marketing strategy on youtube 3 # myth: making video marketing takes a lot of time . Reality: I’m not going to fool you, creating high-quality content requires a certain investment of resources. But impromptu videos for stories or live broadcasts can be a great idea to start creating videos easily and quickly. 4 # myth: videos are not used to convert.

The truth about 10 video marketing myths

Reality: although it is true that the strong point of video marketing is the first phases of the conversion funnel, you can also use them in Greece Whatsapp Number List sales-oriented campaigns, for example, offering discount coupons through youtubers. Video marketing funnel 5# myth: the more views we have, the better. Reality: views metrics aren’t everything. There are others that are also very important and that it is interesting to monitor, together with the views. It’s best to identify a handful of relevant metrics for each type of video and focus on them, such as views, retention, ctr, source, and cpm. Youtube metrics that will help you grow your channel 6# myth: video is only for the new generations .

Machines are going to replace people in video creation

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Reality: video is the most consumed type of content on the internet and serves to reach all kinds of people and connect with them quickly and effectively. 7 # myth: if a video is not viral, it is useless . Fact: many brands use video marketing successfully Mobile Number List without any of their videos going viral. It’s more important to post content consistently and build your channel well over time. 8# myth: machines are going to replace people in video creation . Fact: machine learning has some interesting applications in video, like tracking metrics. But there are things that only we can do well, like interpreting the data and being creative. 9# myth: video is expensive .

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